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Weight Losing Time


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I have been talking about trimming down a bit especially on the waist line. The trouble is it has been mostly talking so far. I managed to get up early the other morning and go for a walk but most mornings it has been a bit difficult to get up.

I know, I know. Where is my motivation. We have just had a trip to the Philippines for a wedding and were away for  5 weeks all together. That is just enough time to get settled in and adjust to the food and the time difference. I know it is only 2 hours difference but when that is behind us it makes it hard to wake up early.  Six am here is only four am there so I am still sound asleep until I can get adjusted back.

Incidentally, we had a great time over there. After a month or so you can tell you are much healthier. You don’t seem to eat as much and the food is healthier. Not as much sugar although they do have sugar in their bread. Bit like a cake mix which is OK until you toast it and have an egg on it. The egg doesn’t go to well with the sugar in the bread. There is a German guy there with a bakery and he does a bit of nice German bread too which is pretty good.

Now that we have mentioned food, we have to realize that losing weight is a lot about food. We have to admit that most of the food we like is not good for us. So I guess losing weight is all about reducing your food intake and doing some regular exercise. Sounds simple but I know it can be hard especially that exercise bit. I think the secret here is to find some form of exercise that you are going to enjoy. That would make it so much easier to be motivated to keep at it.

I want to mention bike riding here as there seems to be so many doing it. I suppose you are getting somewhere a a good rate of knots so you get to enjoy the sights as you go. Just have to watch those crazy drivers though as they can’t even see you half the time. As I mentioned before, I can’t ride a bike as it makes my bum too sore although I haven’t tried those new fancy super wide and soft comfortable bike seats.

If that sounds like you it could be worth checking out. You could soon get fit and see the sights of town from a new perspective. I did have a look online and found that bikes are not very expensive at all. I was really surprised. You could get yourself on the latest super road bike for only a couple of  hundred and be on the way to being super thin again. I will add a couple of links below for you again and as before I found Amazon had some great deals.

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