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Still Trying To Get Fit

GymI managed to get up early this morning and get out for a walk. I think the only reason I woke early was to empty my bladder.  Which reminds me, it has been pretty good lately.  I have inherited an enlarged prostate from my father who had the same problem. He even woke one morning to find he was unable to empty his bladder at all because when your prostate enlarges too much it jams your plumbing so nothing can operate. He had to go to the hospital and have a laser shot up his plumbing, first time you’ve heard it called that, so he could operate again.

Don’t like the sound of that so I have been trying different ways to reduce my problem. I have discovered that hot caffeine upsets it the most. So now I don’t drink coffee, or perhaps one or two cups  a week as a treat. Cola is OK because it seems to be the heat in the caffeine drinks that does the damage. Anyway, that is something for you to look at if you have the same problem although no doubt every one is different.

I was reading somewhere that working out in a gym and building muscles helps you burn more fat. Apparently the action of building muscle works on the fat too so maybe one of those home gyms would be a good idea. You can get them now with the four sides so you get a variety of workouts which amounts to four machines in one. The only snag is the space needed to house such a large piece of apparatus. I know some people use a spare bedroom to set one which is OK if you have a spare bedroom because it takes up a whole room size space.

Sheds and garages and even patio decks have been used to house one of these things and once you have it set up you have virtually a complete gym at home so you can work out any time it suits you. There is enough variety of exercise on the four machines to do all you need to do to your body. So once again it is back to the online shopping and I found that these machines are readily available in a range of styles and prices.

I am still hesitant and still leaning towards the treadmill but check them out anyway. I have added a link below for you.

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