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Still didn’t get out for a walk the last couple of mornings. The rain is getting worse and seems to be setting in. It has turned cool with it again too. The old lady next door has started lighting her fire again in the mornings. I can tell because she uses a kerosene based firelighter to get it started and my house fills up with foul smelling kerosene smoke. Then when it is going my house fills up with foul smelling smoke as she tends to bank her fire down which makes it very smoky.

I don’t thing that stuff is very good for you to be breathing all day. I like to work outside in the garden all day and I have to breath the smelly smoke. The problem is, I think,  her stove pipe is too short and doesn’t extent past the ridge of her roof. That means that because I am in the way of the prevailing wind the smoke comes straight down and into my house.

I might have to have a talk to the environmental officer at city hall and see if they can do something about it. It is no good trying to talk directly to her because she sees me as some sort of monster, as she sees all her neighbors, and refuses to communicate. She seems to have plenty of money because she has just bought another new car.

Anyway, that is not what I wanted to talk about. I have come across some other ideas to get fit at home. Things like mini trampolines and step platforms. You know, that stuff they use in aerobic classes for you to jump up and down on and get yourself fit. There are plenty of those things on sale and all you need then is to get a DVD of one o f those aerobics classes and you are a way.

You can get fit right in front of your TV in your own lounge room with no one to laugh at you. It doesn’t matter how you look in your funny exercise gear because there will be no one to see you. You could even exercise naked if you wanted to then when you are nice and slim you could get some good fitting gear and go to one of those classes and show off your new body.

Sounds good to me. We are not even talking about much money here. I will give you a link below to give you an idea what it is going to cost.

exercise equipment

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