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Getting Fit

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Didn’t get out for a walk this morning because it was raining. No excuse really because walking in the rain with a brolly is fun so I guess I am still taking any excuse not to get out of bed and go for that walk. I am still trying to decide what is the best form of exercise.

I was browsing through the junk mail today and saw an advert for a trampoline. You know, that annoying advertising material that arrives in your letter box almost every day. Some people have those little signs that say ‘no junk mail please’ but my wife actually likes it. She says it gives her a chance to evaluate what all the stores are offering. Even the supermarkets compete with specials by junk mail and we often are dictated to where we shop by what is on special.

The whole business has become huge now and you can get part time work delivering this stuff. We tried it once but you have to walk a lot of kilometers for very little money. I suppose if you regard the compulsory walking as a big benefit then the monetary payment is just a bonus. I have seen some old guys out there with trollies loaded with their catalogs and they do several runs each week. I suppose they are keeping fit and they are able to supplement their pension.

Some of the catalog companies are a better deal and we tried that once too. You deliver a catalog to the front door mat early in the week and call round a couple of days later. If some one orders then you submit the order to your supervisor and she processes it. When she delivers it to you then you deliver it to your customer and collect the payment. The supervisor then collects the payments less your commission. We were able to pick up a couple hundred dollars a week that way for not many hours and the payment was cash and tax free.

Anyway, how did we get into all that. That’s right. A trampoline advertised in the junk mail. I was wondering if something like that would be good exercise and would be fun at the same time. I am not sure about somersaults and some of the stuff some people do on them as I like to keep the right way up all the time. And I am not sure about the safety aspect with that gap round the outside where the springs are. Get a leg down there and you could do some damage although most new trampolines have that cage set up which looks much safer.

Just think, if you spent a couple of hours of fun bouncing on your trampoline you could be doing enough exercise to loose some weight. I wonder. Anyway, I checked them out online and added a link below for you. Have a look.

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Time To Get Fit Again

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Isn’t it a pain when you realize that you have become too over weight and too unfit and you just have to do something about it. It seems to get harder as you get older, I suppose because you are not as active as you once were.

I used to jog every morning early. Never missed a morning for years and years. But that was when I was much younger and is probably why I have a bad back now. All those years of pounding the pavement must jar on your back and do lots of damage.

So now what do I do to get fit again. My waist has enlarged significantly and I definitely don’t feel fit any more. I have started to get up earlier and have a nice walk around the block. My sedately walk doesn’t seem to do much as far as getting my heart rate up and burning some extra calories. Maybe I can work up to longer and longer walks and maybe get faster and faster although I don’t hold out much hope for that to happen.

I suppose I could go to a gym but that is more money and the hassle of actually having to go somewhere to work out. I suppose too, I could get some gym equipment at home and work out in front of the TV or something. That would make it a little more bearable. That way I would only have a once off monetary lay out and a machine that I could use fore ever.

But what machine to buy. Which is the best one for me. What is going to give me the best result for the least effort. I know that is not really the right attitude but hey, if I am going to lay out some cash for an exercise machine I might as well have the best or at least one that is going to do the job.

I don’t like bicycle type machines because they always give me a sore bum and those weight type things where you have to load up pulleys with different weights and pull on a cable don’t do much for me either. As I am walking now and it is something I am comfortable with maybe I should just get a walking machine. A treadmill where I can adjust the speed as I get fitter and have all sorts of gauges for distance walked and heart monitoring etc.

That sounds like me. I will do some research online a see what I can come up with………….

Found some. Amazon seem to have a fantastic range. I will include a few links below of some of their best ones to show you.

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